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The Sonic Late Models 1500 to Win Results:
11 Sonic Late Models came to Richmond Raceway Saturday night to try to lock themselves in to the Mike Roland Memorial night feature. Coming off of a Track Record “Hot Rod” Todd Coffman set quick time once again showing off another solid qualifying run Derek Fisher timed in 2nd, with Jeff Watson 3rd. Late Model Heat One featured Coffman beating Jeff Watson by a pretty fair distance as Todd put himself on the pole of what looked to be a chance at his first win of the season at Richmond. Heat Two however showed the fast Derek Fisher pick up his third heat race win of the year beating Jason Barrett and the young CJ Ruble. Late Model A-Feature rolled onto the track as 11 Late Models hit the track trying to guarantee their spot in a 10,000 dollar to win race next week May 19th. Derek Fisher was fast right off the bat on the outside of the track. Powering around Todd Coffman, Fisher would lead the first lap. Fisher began to pull away making the nights feature look all but over. That’s when lap traffic set in two cars battled for position directly in front of Derek Fisher, Todd Coffman was reeling him in fast! With 3 laps to go Coffman dove into the first turn under Fisher and the lead was side by side. Four wide down the backstretch Fisher and Coffman battled for the lead with two lap cars. Coffman had the lead as they hit the third corner but Derek Fisher made the move of the race splitting the lap cars right through the middle to take the lead and put two cars between him and second place running Todd Coffman. Derek Fisher would go on to win the feature and guarantee his spot in next weeks Mike Roland Memorial, 2nd Todd Coffman, 3rd Jeff Watson, 4th Jason Barrett, and 5th Nicky Pennington.
Top 5 in Late Model Points:
Derek Fisher 282
Todd Coffman 277
Jason Barrett 255
CJ Ruble 217
Jeff Watson 177

The Gutter Guy Modifieds 1000 to Win Results:
14 Gutter Guy Modifieds signed in to action at The Beast of the East Saturday. Track point leader and defending champion, Jimmy Robinson started it off with a bang setting quicktime in qualifying with Jeff Watson 2nd, and Dennis Roberson 3rd. The first Modified heat race was great for the driver of the 54, Jimmy Robinson put it to them and took it home easily beating Aaron Branham and Jeremy Hines by quite the distance. Heat Two was much more competitive seeing the lead change hands multiple times. Jeff Watson started on the pole but could not keep the car on the track, 4th place starting Zach Powers would power up to the first spot and put himself outside of Jimmy Robinson for the feature. The Feature was crazy, so many lead changes, so many heartbreaks, and so many grooves. Zach Powers started off the race strong passing Jimmy Robinson for the lead to start the race in turn one. Powers would go on to lead for 7 laps before the car broke, shattering the chances of Powers picking up his first win of his young career. Russ Gabbert was taking the lead away from the broken 33z machine. On a restart Jimmy Robinson made contact and spun out tearing sheet metal all over the driver side of the car. Robinson however would continue and finish 4th. Russ Gabbert had the lead as they entered the backstretch for the final time, Dennis Roberson however had other ideas. Diving to the bottom and taking the lead Dennis Roberson would steal the win with a LAST LAP PASS! Finishing 2nd was Russ Gabbert, 3rd Jimmy Crabtree, 4th Jimmy Robinson, and 5th Oscar Marshall.
Top 5 in Modified Points:
Jimmy Robinson 264
Jimmy Crabtree 253
Zach Powers 239
Oscar Marshall 222
Wayne Helton 216

The ARBodies Super Stocks 750 to Win Results:
The Super Stocks had 11 cars enter the program looking for 750 dollars. Qualifying went as it has the past two weeks as Eddie Stewart set quicktime, Glen Hounshell was second and Austin Adkins third. Eddie Stewart won the first heat race easily putting him right back on the pole of the feature as he looked for his third straight win of the season. Heat two was a little more competitive as Logan Preston and Glen Hounshell battled for the lead, Logan Preston just had too much for Hounshell as he picked up the heat race win. The feature rolled out as everyone was hoping to put a stop to Eddie Stewarts winning streak. This would not be done as Eddie Stewart tore the field up, beating second place finishing Austin Adkins by half a lap. The race was exciting behind the leaders as people came from all over the track passing people. Eddie Stewart took home the win with Austin Adkins 2nd, 3rd Glen Hounshell, 4th Dennis Roberson, and 5th Daniel Stamper.
Top 5 in Super Stock points:
Eddie Stewart 285
Logan Preston 266
Chad Barrett 238
Greg Hensley 230
Matthew King 213

The Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinders 1550 to Win Results:
30 Four Cylinders signed in for the record setting 1550 TO WIN race. Qualifying was long, but it featured a NEW TRACK RECORD as Allen Hackworth set the new track record with an 18.053 second lap. James Ramey would time in second with Greg Hensley third. The first Heat race featured new track record holder Allen Hackworth and track point leader Tyler Hayes side by side. They both put together solid finishes as Hackworth picked up the win with Hayes bringing it in second. Shane Irvin would finish 3rd and Gunner Johnson 4th to lock into the 30 lap race. Heat two brought four more cars into the feature and would set the second place starter. James Ramey would take home the win with Bo Morris second, Jesse Parker third, and Travis Dickerson picking up the last transfer spot. Heat 3 was a mess as the third place qualifier broke and would finish 6th and have to go to a B main. Transfering into the A main however was heat race winner Jeremy Porter, 2nd Dwayne Schlueter, 3rd Dewayne Smith, and 4th Doodle Farris. As the fourth and final heat race made its way onto the track they looked to set the last four cars into the 1550 to win show. Shane Yates and Brandon Creech started the front row but didn’t finish that way. Shane Yates would pick up the win, 2nd Jeremy Howard, 3rd Brandon Creech, and the 4th and final spot went to Justin Dalton. The first B Feature showed that the 3rd place qualifier was fixed and ready to go as Greg Hensley came from 4th to win the B main moving into the show. Going with him from the B main was Brandon Henson 2nd, 3rd Brady Lear, and 4th Dustin Lawson.The Second B main was good just like the first as Dylan Stevens picked up the win transferring him into the A Feature, 2nd was Super Stock point leader Eddie Stewart, 3rd Tyler Shelton, and the 4th and final transfer spot would go to Cody Spence. This brought us to the 30 lap 1550 to win Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinder Fury! Allen Hackworth and James Ramey paced the 24 car field to the green flag and the race was on. Allen Hackworth and James Ramey were battling all out for the lead very early on. Side by Side almost every corner, this was until Allen Hackworth looped the car and came to a stop. Allen Hackworth had a lot of work to do as he had to go to the tail of the field. On the move Justin Dalton from the 16th starting spot and Eddie Stewart from the 20th were making gains up through the field. As the race resumed James Ramey now had the lead in full control as the cars behind him could not keep with him and battled for positions behind him. This all ended for Ramey when Allen Hackworth had raced his way back into the top five. As Hackworth worked and worked he had gotten back into second and set his sights on Ramey and the 1550 check. They fought hard but Hackworth couldn’t get around the strong 24 of James Ramey as James Ramey picked up the 1550 dollar to win check. Allen Hackworth came home 2nd, 3rd went to Shane Irvin, 4th and the Hard Charger award winner Eddie Stewart, and coming home 5th Justin Dalton.

*Tonights Four Cylinder event was a non point race.
Top 5 in Four Cylinder points:
Tyler Hayes 187
Brandon Creech 174
Jason Sizemore 157
Bo Morris 152
Jamison Gipson 147

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