More Options for Residential Recycling in Berea

On Tuesday night, the Berea City Council unanimously approved a waste disposal contract that will provide customers with more recycling options.
In a unanimous vote, the council officially renewed an agreement with Waste Connections and Poff Carting for the next three years.

Some residential customers have asked for a larger recycling bin with a cover so that recyclables won’t blow out of the container during windy weather. Under the new agreement, Poff Carting will offer two options for recycling:

Option 1: Customers can receive a 95-gallon red recyclables container with a gray lid. The cost will be a one-time delivery fee of $15, and $3.50 per month thereafter.

Option 2: Customers can use their own containers as long as they are clearly marked RECYCLABLES on at least two sides of the container. Poff requests customers ensure the writing faces the road, where it can be easily spotted by transportation staff.
Customers can view a list of accepted items to be recycled by clicking on the link below.…/…/01/Dos-and-Donts-of-Recycling.pdf

The companies currently serve approximately 4,000 residential customers and 300 commercial clients in the City of Berea. The rate for residential pick-up service stays the same under the new agreement, and the cost of service to commercial customers decreases by five percent under the new contract. With the finalization of the agreement, Berea customers will continue to pay one of the lowest rates for waste pick-up in the Bluegrass region, city officials said.

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