First Lady Joins Anthem To Announce Donation of 10,000 Duffle Bags for Kentucky Foster Youth; $15,000 for #WeAreKY! Foundation

Glenna Bevin

First Lady Glenna Bevin today joined Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Kentucky Medicaid to announce donations from Anthem to the First Lady’s Foundation, #WeAreKy!, Inc., and the Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Anthem presented a $15,000 donation for the First Lady’s #WeAreKy! Foundation to further programs aimed at assisting Kentucky’s foster youth. The foundation works to support the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable children through foster care and adoption initiatives.

Anthem also announced a donation of 10,000 duffle bags to DCBS. These bags will be provided to DCBS offices throughout the state for foster children who otherwise may need to utilize trash bags to carry their belongings when transitioning between homes. This announcement comes on the heels of Anthem’s previous donation of 200 duffle bags and 700 coats for Kentucky’s foster youth.

“We sincerely appreciate Anthem’s continued strong support of vulnerable children across the Commonwealth,” said First Lady Bevin. “Today’s generous donations to #WeAreKY! Inc. and DCBS will help to provide dignity and hope to our young people who find themselves in foster care.”

“Anthem Kentucky Medicaid’s unwavering commitment to serve all foster youth in the Commonwealth drives much of what we do on a daily basis,” said Liz Stearman, director of behavioral health for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid. “As a result of the close alignment with the First Lady and the Governor on the priorities of improving the lives of foster and adoptive children and families of Kentucky, we are thrilled to announce today the Anthem Medicaid donation of $15,000 to the First Lady’s Foundation, #WeAreKy!, Inc.”

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  1. Well, those duffle bags certainly will make up for the tens of thousands of Kentuckians who are going to lose their health-care coverage under Bevin. Keeping us poor, sick and uneducated … the Bevin way!

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