Phase II of Berea Bypass Nixed from 6-Year Road Plan

Berea Bypass Phase II has hit a snag after it was recently removed from the state’s six-year road plan.

Berea City Administrator Randy Stone made the announcement last week at a meeting of the Berea City Council, noting the next stage of the roadway didn’t make the cut. The project, which is estimated to cost between $24 million and $27 million, has been in the works for years, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet recently secured right-of-way that would have enabled the project to proceed. The second phase of the road was planned to run from U.S. 25 N. to Highway 21 E.

Officials expressed concern about the cut, noting the bypass means a lot to Berea’s potential for industrial and economic growth. The matter is currently in the hands of state legislators, and city officials say they have consulted with Senator Jared Carpenter (R-34) in the hope of having the second part of the bypass restored to the state’s road plan. Carpenter aided the city in securing full-funding for the widening of U.S. 25. N.

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