Move-in Day at the Berea Municipal Police and Fire Safety Building

It was move-in day Tuesday at the Berea Municipal Police and Fire Safety Building. Workers arrived to install furniture in the new facility, and some city employees began to unpack. Though the whole staff isn’t expected to be fully settled in until the first week of March, the Berea Fire Department may occupy their space as early as this weekend. The new building will provide long-overdue upgrades to training and living facilities for Berea’s firefighters. An open house for the public is tentatively planned for early March.

The new community room in Berea’s municipal building on Chestnut Street is larger than the previous room, providing a spacious venue for staff and local community and civic groups.

Workers were busy assembling furniture in the offices of the Berea Police Department. Unlike the damp, windowless facilities in the basement of the current police and municipal center, the new building is more secure, provides more security and privacy for the public, and it provides a healthier working environment for officers and staff.

The biggest change order for the $12.7 million project was for $2.3 million in savings when the city opted to purchase supplies directly instead of having them purchased by the building contractor. Currently, the project cost variance is approximately three percent over the original estimated cost, though that cost is expected to drop further after the final change order is submitted.

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