Beshear, AGs: Lift Veil of Secrecy Surrounding Workplace Sexual Harassment

Andy Beshear

Today, Attorney General Andy Beshear urged Congress to free victims of sexual harassment from the injustice of forced, secret workplace sexual harassment arbitration agreements.

In a letter sent to Congress, Beshear joined a bipartisan coalition of 56 states and territories to demand Congress pass legislation that would no longer allow employers to make employees sign employment contracts that mandate sexual harassment claims be resolved privately, versus judicial proceedings.

“No one deserves to experience sexual harassment and time is more than up on the secret deals that permit toxic cultures to live in the shadows of our workplaces,” said Beshear. “Action is needed from Congress in order to better protect victims from forced agreements that protect serial violators in exchange for the victim’s silence.”

In the letter the coalition states, “Access to the judicial system, whether federal or state, is a fundamental right of all Americans. That right should extend fully to persons who have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace.”

The coalition also applauds Microsoft Corporation for recently announcing that it will discontinue arbitration requirements with respect to sexual harassment claims and for supporting legislation to ensure that victims of sexual harassment be given the right of access to our judicial system.

One of the core missions of the Attorney General’s office is to seek justice for victims. Through investigations, prosecutions and direct services to victims, Beshear’s office seeks to be an advocate for the rights of all crime victims.

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