KSP Appeals for Privacy of Families in Wake of Marshall County Tragedy

Kentucky State Police (KSP) is appealing to the media and the general public to allow privacy for families impacted by this week’s tragic shooting in Marshall County.

Families of Marshall County students have contacted KSP with serious privacy concerns, particularly in regard to their minor children — many of whom are still recovering from psychological trauma and physical injuries.

They report that members of the public and media have made excessive attempts to contact them in recent days, requesting private information and interviews. Families have also endured negative and inappropriate comments on social media.

KSP asks all members of the media and public to respect the dignity and privacy of the victims and their families.

One of the families has asked KSP to release the following statement on their behalf: “Please stop calling and texting us, especially our minor children who are victims. It is inappropriate and hurtful to our already grieving families.”

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