Kent Family Circus of Berea to perform in Livingston

The Kent Family moved their family and Circus from Northern California to Berea, KY two years ago making them the only family run private magic circus is Kentucky. During the summer months the family takes their magic circus across the country performing at fairs and festivals. During the winter months they take the show indoors and perform special “One Night Only” circus shows inside gyms and theaters across the state, mostly for smaller towns where winter activities can be limited. This coming Saturday the 27th at the old school Gymnasium on Main street the Kent’s will present their show of comedy, magic, and circus skills at 4pm. And though there are no elephants or tigers there is a poodle act, trapeze, bullwhipping skills, hooping, illusions, death defying stunts, and even a small freak show tent.

The Kents found their way to Kentucky after performing at Beech Bend Amusement Park and the Laurel County Fair several years in row. Liking the area, the Kents eldest daughter decided to attend Berea College where she represent the school in in nationals for track and field. Her younger brother followed a couple of years later. In all the Kents have seven kids, five of which still perform in the show.

Mami Kent, an exchange student from Japan in the 80s and Victor Kent Sr. met at SFSU and the magic began as the illusionist couple started having kids. And each wanted to be part of the show. Over the years each child started picking up skills from fellow performers they met on the road. Olivia (12) can balance almost anything on her face, she juggles, and performs on the trapeze. Amelia (14) is a juggler, hooper, and aerial silk artist. Victor Jr. (16) is a dare devil, juggler, and escape artist. Titus (20) though in a wheel chair has some really cool magic to show you. Miles (23) is a bull whip artist, juggler, tight rope walker, and lasso artist. Dad, of course is an illusionist, but also performs a number of side show geek stunts and fire-eating. He is also the ring master.

The show promises to be a lot of fun for folks of any age. And the price has been set to be right for anybody’s budget. Only $6.00. The spectacular starts at 4pm so get their early.

January 27, 2018 4pm at the Livingston Gymnasium 9226 main street Livingston KY $6.00 tickets at or at the door (cash or card) All concession proceeds go to the Depot Gospel Singers of Livingston

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