Beshear: New Website Offers Greater Transparency

Andy Beshear
Attorney General Andy Beshear announced today the launch of his office’s new website. The site enhances transparency for Kentuckians seeking information and services from the Office of the Attorney General. The revised helps Kentuckians quickly interact with the office on critically important matters like finding workable solutions to the state’s drug epidemic; preventing and prosecuting child abuse; protecting seniors from scams and abuse; and seeking justice for victims of sexual assault.

Beshear said the new site also offers visitors information on office contracts, instructions on how to submit open records requests electronically and enhanced search features.

“As the people’s lawyer, I take my responsibility as an advocate for the people of Kentucky very seriously,” said Beshear. “In making the information on our website more intuitive, we are reaffirming our commitment to government transparency and to helping to better protect the people of Kentucky.”

The Fighting Drug Abuse portion of the site helps Kentuckians learn how the office is tackling what Beshear considers the “single greatest threat” to Kentucky families and communities. Easily found on the new site is information on the office’s current litigation against drug manufacturers, the drug investigations unit and the Kentucky Opioid Disposal Program.

Under the site’s new Honest Government section, visitors can access a list of the office’scontracts, which vary from contingency-fee contracts with private law firms for representation on consumer lawsuits to leases of real property to the disbursement of settlement funds.

The site also helps fulfill the promise Beshear made last month to better assist the media and public in retrieving records from his office. With the launch of the new site, the office now accepts signed open records requests electronically via email at [email protected] Fax requests are still accepted to 502-564-2894.

For business owners that are obliged to register with the office in order to conduct and operate a business, they now have access to a business forms library for all their reporting needs. Examples of businesses required to register with the office include health spas, charitable organizations, cemeteries and funeral homes.

An enhanced search feature also allows visitors to reduce time spent searching for open records and open meetings decisions. Users can search the site using a keyword or phrase, opposed to sorting and scanning decisions by number, year and title.

Popular features of the previous site were retained and are highlighted on the new home page, including filing an online consumer complaintfinding a commonwealth’s or county attorneyand signing up for Scam Alerts.

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