The Kentucky State Treasury May Have Christmas Cash Waiting for You


Kentuckians in need of extra Christmas cash should search for unclaimed property on the Kentucky State Treasury’s website,, Treasurer Allison Ball said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Returning unclaimed property is a priority of mine,” Treasurer Ball said. “This Christmas, I am especially excited to return money to Kentuckians who can use it during this season of giving.”

Treasurer Ball has returned over $22 million in unclaimed property in 2017 and over $45 million since she took office in 2016. Over 15,437 individuals and entities have found unclaimed property to claim on the website this year alone. The Treasurer’s office receives unclaimed funds from unclaimed insurance proceeds, bank accounts and stocks, among other things.

Schools, non-profits, businesses, and local governments should also check the website, as these entities may have unclaimed property to claim, too.

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