Officials Aiming to Use New Stadium for 4th of July Celebration 2018

After consultation with the Berea Independent School District, the City of Berea is getting closer to finalizing plans for new bleacher facilities at Duerson Stadium in Berea City Park. City leaders note the concrete stadium, which has since been taken down and recycled, will be replaced by aluminum bleachers, which will be anchored on a concrete slab. Additionally, officials are trying to determine if the new facility will include an aluminum press box. As for the timeline for completion, Parks and Recreation Committee Chair Tom Schultz noted during a recent Berea City Council meeting that the hope is to use the new stadium for the annual 4th of July celebration in 2018. That would also allow the Berea Pirates Football Team to return to their home field next season. The original concrete stadium was condemned and demolished in 2016 after inspectors determined it was unsafe. The new field configuration will allow the school to use the facility for football, soccer, possibly lacrosse, as well as public events.

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