First Lady Bevin Hosts “Pjammin’ Party” at Governor’s Mansion for Children Affected by Pediatric Cancer

First Lady Glenna Bevin recently invited more than 80 children and family members from across Kentucky directly affected by pediatric cancer to the Governor’s Mansion for a pajama party.

The children and their families were treated to dinner, crafts, music and a movie. Additionally, the American Childhood Cancer Organization provided books for each child, sibling and parent with information on clinical trials, psychosocial support, education related issues and long-term survivorship.

“Matt and I were so honored to host Pjammin’®,” said Mrs. Bevin. “It was a night full of fun, and seeing the excitement on the faces of all the children brought joy to everyone in the Governor’s Mansion. Pediatric cancer affects more families than people realize. It is an issue I hold close to my heart, and I hope other Governors and First Ladies will take part in this amazing initiative.”

Gov. and Mrs. Bevin joined forces with KY Pediatric Cancer Research Trust Fund and KY Pediatric Cancer Foundation to be the first Governor and First Lady to host a Pjammin’® event at the Governor’s Mansion.

This Pjammin’® event benefited the KY Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a new non-profit organization created to work with the KY Pediatric Cancer Research Trust Fund. Through Pjammin’®, in addition to funds raised through tax check-offs, ACCO has raised nearly $45,000 to support innovative research for Kentucky children fighting cancer.

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