Berea Shakes the Earlham Quakes

On Tuesday night, the Mountaineers traveled to Richmond, Indiana to face Earlham College-where they won by a score of 88-61 over the Quakers.
This game rounded out the last of Berea’s games this month. The Mountaineers traveled into this contest ready to extend their winning streak to three games after their second road game of the season.

The first quarter showed little promise of continuing Berea’s winning streak. Berea shot less than 33 percent from both the field and the 3-point line. Sophomore guard Bri Lanham couldn’t pick it up early for her team, shooting 20% in the first quarter. Another sophomore guard, Kristen Greene came off the bench and scored 5 points in the first for the Mountaineers.

Although the women would leave the first quarter down by six points, the second quarter would bring a different tempo. Senior guard AD Williams grabbed three steals and played stellar defense in the second quarter, and all the while scoring 12 points. Berea held Earlham to 9 points in the second quarter, giving the girls in blue a 37-31 point lead going into halftime.

The starters put up 20 out of Berea’s 23 points in the third quarter. Bri Lanham picked up her shooting, going 2/2 from the 3 PT line. Senior guard Jamie Roberts was able to follow suit with two treys, and grabbed two rebounds in the process. Berea’s bench closed out the rest of the game: outscoring Earlham 28-15 in the fourth quarter. Berea held Earlham to only 27 points in the second half after Earlham’s scoring eruption of 25 in the first quarter. The Mountaineers won this game 88-61, increasing their winning streak to three on this season.

Berea will travel next to Covenant College for their first conference game on December 1st. Be sure to stay up to date with your Mountaineers by tuning in to The Climb Podcast every Tuesday and Friday on the Apple Podcast App. By Jailen Young

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