KentuckyWired Making Strides

Construction of a statewide high-speed internet network in Kentucky continues moving forward. Over 3,000 miles of 288-strand fiber optics cable, with nearly unlimited capacity, is expected to bring a boost to Kentucky’s economy, enhance education opportunities and facilitate greater coordination between first responders.

Obtaining pole attachment agreements with companies that own the utility poles that are needed for the project proved to be an obstacle in the beginning, but in recent weeks KentuckyWired has secured ninety percent of these agreements.

“Obtaining easements through private property is another significant component of the project, but we’re finding that almost all landowners are being very cooperative because the poles are already there,” said Philip Brown, Executive Director of Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA). “We’re just adding another wire to the existing poles.”

So far, nearly 68 miles of underground conduit have been laid and six miles of aerial cable have been hung. Though delays in the early phases of the project pushed completion beyond the original project completion date in 2018, the KCNA is working with KentuckyWired’s private sector partners on establishing a new completion date that can more accurately forecast the project’s timeline.

Through their third-party partners like Cincinnati Bell Telephone Service, the East Kentucky Network and the Bluegrass Network, KentuckyWired is helping deliver ultra-high-speed internet service to even the most remote areas of the commonwealth. Completion of the project will make Kentucky the first state in the nation to bring ultra-high-speed internet capability to every county within its borders.

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