Richmond Police Department Awards Banquet

Richmond Police Officer of the Year Officer Hunter Harrison.

Richmond Police Officer of the Year

Officer Hunter Harrison was awarded the 2016 law enforcement officer of the year. Harrison was honored for excelling in investigation efforts related to street level narcotics cases, specifically heroin trafficking cases in Richmond.

Lifesaving Award

Officer Jason Curry and Detective Joseph Lain were decorated with the Lifesaving Award for administering CPR to a man having a heart attack until Madison County EMS arrived and transported him to the hospital on April 5, 2016.

The Departmental Excellence Award

This award is given in recognition of an investigation, arrest or series of arrests that by brings credit to the department and law enforcement, It may also be awarded in recognition of public service, an accomplishment or series of acts that further the goals, interest and esteem of the department. The award may be given to any RPD employee. Officer Jason Friend received the award for leading an investigation that led to a repeat domestic violence offender’s arrest. Officer Kelli Fraze was awarded for her selfless service to the community and department, and for being a team player and expecting nothing in return.

Perfect Attendance

Employees who missed no days of work due to illness and received the Perfect Attendance award were Sgt. Brian Eaves, Sgt. Catherine Eaves, Sgt. Josh Hale, Sgt. Devin Thomas, Detective Joe Lain, Detective Ben Spaulding, Senior Patrol Officer Kelli Fraze, Senior Patrol Officer Daniel Deaton, Senior Patrol Officer Clayton Stocker, Officer Corey Cecil, Officer Ankit Patel and Officer Donovan Nolan.

Meritorious Service Award

Officer Thomas Ottis was given the Meritorious Service Award for his investigative efforts in solving and arresting two parties connected with five residential burglaries between June and July last year. The award is presented each year for one or more performance of an exceptional act of police work that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Major’s Award

After working more than 450 hours of overtime during 2016, Officer Ankit Patel received the Major’s Award, typically given to employees who display an exceptional attitude and willingness to complete a mission.

Leadership Award

Sgt. Devin Thomas received the Leadership Award for his guidance of the Patrol and Police Training Program.

Chief’s Award

Long serving employee Evidence Custodian Gina Lockhart was awarded the Chief’s Award for her work to bring the department’s evidence room to accreditation standards.

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