Berea Police Reports June 6, 2017

DUI Arrest: On 06/04/2017 officers were called to Walmart in reference to a reckless driver in the area. The vehicle was located in the parking lot, and the driver had a strong odor of alcohol. The driver showed several signs of intoxication and was placed under arrest.

Officers charged 33 year old Brack Morgan of Lexington KY with Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence 1st Offense, and Possession of an Open Alcohol Container in a Motor Vehicle.


DUI Arrest: On 06/04/2017 a traffic stop was conducted on Richmond Road for a minor traffic violation. There was a strong smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle, and the driver showed several sign of intoxication.

Officers arrested 22 year old Kirsten Wright of Berea KY and charged her with Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence 1st Offense.


Drug Arrest: On 06/01/2017 an officer observed a subject passed out in a vehicle in the parking lot of Knight’s Inn. He made contact with the subject and located Marijuana, and a Suboxone Strip inside of the vehicle. He also located a needle and a Marijuana pipe.

Officers arrested 38 year old Joshua Lamb of Mount Vernon KY and charged him with Possession of Controlled Substance 2nd Degree, Possession of Marijuana, and Drug Paraphernalia Possession.

Shoplifting Arrest: On 06/01/2017 officers were called to Walmart after employees observed a subject attempt to leave with merchandise that she didn’t pay for.

Officers arrested 39 year old Laurel Ellis of Leesburg GA and charged her with Theft by Unlawful Taking Shoplifting.


Disorderly Conduct: On 05/31/2017 officers were called to Circle K on Chestnut Street in reference to a person causing a disturbance. They located the subject who began yelling and cursing as they were trying to speak with him. The subject was eventually placed under arrest and made threats to several people at the business.

Officers charged 49 year old Ricky McCloud of Louisville KY with Disorderly Conduct, Terroristic Threatening 3rd Degree, and Menacing.

Drug Arrest: On 05/30/2017 officers arrested 35 year old Dillard Norman of Berea KY for an arrest warrant.

After he was lodged in the Detention Center, 1 Gabapentin tablet was found in the backseat of the officer’s cruiser where Norman had been sitting. He was also charged with Illegal Possession of a Legend Drug.

Theft: On 06/04/2017 officers were called to Burgandy Pass in reference to a stolen utility trailer from a construction site. Estimated Loss: $2,000.00.

Theft: On 05/30/2017 officers were called to Phyllis Drive in reference to the theft of building materials from a construction site. Estimated Loss: $1,400.00.

Parking: The past few days the Berea Police Department have received numerous complaints about vehicles blocking public sidewalks. We have posted the city ordinance and wanted everyone to know with warmer weather more people are out walking on the sidewalks. Thanks.


No person shall assemble, congregate or use any public street or public sidewalk in the city so as to impede or hinder the orderly and normal traffic or travel of any vehicle, or passenger therein or any pedestrian, along, upon or about the street or sidewalk .

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