Hitachi President Breaks Ground on Berea Plant Expansion

On Friday, Hitachi team members and Berea city officials celebrated the proposed expansion of the company’s local industrial operation. The venture will connect the north and south plants and possibly allow for the addition of new production lines.

Hitachi President and CEO Hideaki Seki was in Berea Friday for the groundbreaking of a plant expansion project. The 100,000 square-foot expansion will connect Hitachi’s north and south industrial plants, allowing for the possible introduction of two new production lines in Berea.

Addressing an audience that included several Hitachi team members and Berea city officials, Mr. Seki said the expansion of the Hitachi plant is just the beginning of the Berea operation’s continued growth. Seki added he is thankful for Hitachi’s opportunity to contribute to Berea’s local economy and quality of life.

Hitachi General Manager Joe Sairenji said connection of the north and south plants will improve production efficiency and communication among team members, while also contributing to continued economic growth in Berea. In closing, Sairenji expressed hope that Hitachi and Berea will continue growing in their mutually beneficial partnership. “Let us grow together,” Sairenji said.

Attending the ceremony on behalf of the city was Berea Mayor Steve Connelly, Councilman and Economic Development Committee Chair Jim Davis, City Administrator Randy Stone, and Director of Business Development Danny Issacs. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Mayor Connelly stated:

“Berea is honored by Hitachi’s new plant expansion. This investment highlights a long-term commitment to our community and inspires us to seek the next level in our positive community partnership that has already existed for more than 30 years. We will work to ensure our continued mutual commitment to further strengthening our relationship,” Connelly said.

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  1. I wish he would have addressed the foul treatment of employees. The gross negligence of labor laws, abuses of powers, and discrimination that goes on at Hitachi on a regular basis. Berea should not support a company that treats employees like slaves.

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