Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Write A Letter To Keep Our County Safe

A company named Kinder Morgan wants to use a 70-year-old deteriorating pipeline that runs through Madison County right past Kit Carson Elementary School to move highly volatile fracking byproducts from the fracking fields in the northeast to the Texas Coast. If this plan is approved, it could put our community’s water, soil, and the safety of our children at risk.

The pipeline also runs through some of the most fertile farmland in the whole nation, as well as through important sources of drinking water for the Midwest and even under school playgrounds. Because this pipeline was never intended to move hazardous liquids at such high pressures, repurposing the pipeline for this use could cause problems that our emergency services may not be trained to handle, including:

· the release of carcinogens into waterways that supply us with drinking water

· explosions up to a mile away from a pipeline leak

· asphyxiation.

Frankly, the idea of allowing such a possibly dangerous pipeline to run right by a school where I used to play soccer on weekend mornings frightens me.

I urge you to submit comments by Friday to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission asking that a thorough Environmental Impact Statement be done in order to determine whether this is actually safe.

You can go to this web page set up by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth http://bit.ly/2fMofAQ to learn how to make your voice heard on this important topic.

Lucy Flood

One thought on “Letter to the Editor”

  1. You should really spend a little time getting ALL of the facts, present the (all of the) truth in fact, THEN argue your point. This allows the reader to develop an understanding of the process and to make an “informed” decision, not one based on a “The sky is falling” mentality. Presenting only the doomsday side of any story breeds speculation, and doubt, as to the motive and accuracy of your statements.

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