Reps. Marzian, Owens & Wayne offer praise, concern over Kentucky Supreme Court ruling


State Reps. Mary Lou Marzian, Darryl Owens and Jim Wayne today praised the central ruling of the Kentucky Supreme Court’s decision that reversed Governor Bevin’s $18 million cuts to public postsecondary schools last fiscal year. While disappointed that the judge did not grant them standing, they vowed continue to appear as a “Friend of the Court” to the courts in such matters.

“As Democrats, it is our responsibility to defend the legislative authority against this Republican governor’s power-grabbing agenda,” the three Louisville legislators said in a joint statement. “Limiting our legislative standing in cases in which constitutional questions are being decided hampers our efforts to keep this governor’s dangerous megalomania in check.”

Reps. Marzian, Owens and Wayne said they felt strongly that Governor Bevin’s actions last fiscal year were wrong for two key reasons. “First, we did not think he had the authority to override the General Assembly’s budgetary decisions outside of his administration during a time of revenue growth. Second, we do not believe his authority gives him unilateral control over budgets at our public colleges and universities.”

The state representatives said their vigilance of the governor’s actions will continue. “In the future, we will appear as a ‘Friend of the Court’ to offer guidance and assistance to courts facing Constitutional questions. This will allow us as legislators to continue protecting our constituents from the Bevin administration’s harmful and dictatorial shenanigans.”

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