Foley Middle Time Capsule

Foley Warriors
Foley Warriors

During construction at Foley Middle School, a time capsule from 1995 was unearthed. The school is now attempting to locate the students involved so they can invite them to our Grand Re-Opening ceremony on Oct. 4 at 6 p.m.

If you know any of the following people, (Again, they would have been students at Foley in 1995.) please ask them to call the school at 859-625-6140 or email Assistand Principal Lora Hardy at [email protected].

Aaron Wrenn, Jonathan Smith, Nikki Stanley, Lisa Lawson, James John Thomas, Jessica Alexander, Brandon Scott Brock, Steven Kelly Kidwell, Phillip Ryan Hall, John Christopher, Carl Estill Bratcher, Kristy Smith, Ruth Allen, Greg Winkler, Joas Yoder, Elisa Wright, Angela Spears, Justin Wayne Mullins, Phillip Hanan.

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