Richmond Police Report Sept. 14, 2015


Abandonment Arrest: On 09/10/2015, police charged Charlie B. Richardson (female), age 37, Arlington Drive, in connection with the abandonment of a minor.

On 08/18/2015, police were alerted to the fact that Richardson’s 16-year-old son was not living with her and had not been in her custody and care since 06/23/2015. It was learned that Richardson had left the child in the care of another individual who was not related to the child or to Richardson and had no contact with the child since that time.

On 08/25/2015, a warrant was issued for Richardson’s arrest, charging her for Abandonment of a Minor.

On 09/10/2015, Richardson was taken into custody after being detailed at Meijer for a shoplifting offense. She was ldoged in the MCDC.


Assault Arrest: On 09/12/2015, police charged Della L. Albritton, age 53, Ballard Drive, for assaulting her boyfriend with a hatchet.

At approximately 2:55 P.M., officers were dispatched to Albritton’s residence on Ballard Drive in response to a reported assault. Upon arrival, officers encountered Albritton’s live-in boyfriend who was bleeding heavily from head wounds. He reported that during the course of a domestic squabble, Albritton had struck him several times with the hatchet. Officers recovered the hatchet on the ground nearby. The victim was treated at the hospital for lacerations that required numerous staples to close.

Albritton was charged for Assault 1st Degree and lodged in the MCDC.


DUI/Fleeing or Evading Arrest: On 09/12/2015, police charged Patrick K. George, age 42, Cabernet Drive, Berea, for several offenses connected to reckless driving on the interstate.

At approximately 5:30 P.M., an officer was dispatched to Exit 87 of Interstate 75 to observe for a reckless driver. Numerous motorists on the interstate reported to the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center that a silver Ford pickup truck was traveling southbound at speeds of more than 100 MPH, weaving in and out of traffic, forcing other vehicles off the road to avoid being hit, and had struck the concrete median barrier a number of times.

The officer entered the southbound lane and awaited on the right shoulder for the vehicle to pass. Shortly thereafter, the officer observed the vehicle approaching in the far left, or fast lane, of the interstate at what appeared to be a speed in excess of 80 MPH. As the vehicle neared the police vehicle, the driver of the vehicle abruptly veered right across all lanes of traffic, nearly striking several vehicles, in what seemed to be an attempt to strike the police vehicle. The officer veered to the right to avoid being struck and then activated his emergency equipment in an effort to stop the vehicle.

The driver, later identified as George, failed to yield to the police and continued southbound at speeds in excess of 80 MPH while swerving and nearly striking other vehicles. The vehicle continued for approximately two miles before coming to a stop. Upon being ordered from the vehicle, George nearly fell and officers determined that he was intoxicated. He was taken into custody and lodged in the MCDC.

George was charged for the following offenses:

– D.U.I.
– Fleeing or Evading Police 1st Degree
– Reckless Driving
– Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree


Assault Arrest: On 09/13/2015, police charged Justin T. Prewitt, age 28, S. Killarney Drive, for assault after he struck his wife with a motor vehicle.

At approximately 5:50 A.M., officers were dispatched to an apartment in the 100 block of S. Killarney Lane in response to a report that a female had been struck by a vehicle. Upon arrival, the officer encountered a female who reported that that her husband, Prewitt, had struck her in the right leg with his pickup truck during a domestic argument. The officer observed that that the female had abrasions and scrapes to her right knee and leg area.

It was reported that during the course of the argument, Prewitt was desiring to leave in his vehicle when his wife attempted to prevent his departure by standing in front of the vehicle. The vehicle then drove forward and struck the female. Prewitt was not present when officers arrived, having left on foot following a fight with his stepson. He later returned and was detained.

The female was transported to the UK Medical Center where it was determined that she was suffering from a broken bone in her ankle and abrasions and bruising to her knee, thigh, and shin.

Prewitt was charged for the following offenses and lodged in the MCDC:

– Assault 2nd Degree
– Assault 4th Degree
– Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place


Wanted: On 09/05/2015, this female in the photo used a counterfeit $100.00 bill , serial ‪#‎H11436493A‬. If you know her name call Officer Ottis at 859 623-1162.

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