Tumble Shine Tumbling & Trampoline Team Back from Jr. Olympics

Tumble Shine Tumbling and Trampoline Team
Tumble Shine Tumbling and Trampoline Team

Tumble Shine Gymnastics’ Power Tumbling and Trampoline team just made it back from Virginia Beach, Virginia to compete in the 2015 Jr. Olympics. We want to congratulate all of our athletes in their hard work and dedication to the sport.

Kylie Cowan received a gold medal on double mini as well as a district award on Trampoline. Our other gold medalist was Maddie Crabtree who received her medal on double mini. Out of more than 600 athletes from across the country all of Tumble Shine’s competitors made it to finals beating out the competition in prelims.

On floor: Kylie Cowan placed 5th, Caileigh Crabtree and Maddie Crabtree placed 6th, Aubrey Crabtree placed 11th and Kadi Cowan placed 17th.

On Trampoline: Kylie Cowan placed 3rd, Kadi Cowan placed 6th, Maddie Crabtree placed 8th, Caileigh Crabtree placed 11th, and Aubrey Crabtree placed 19th.

On Double Mini: Maddi Crabtree and Kylie Cowan Placed 1st, Caileigh Crabtree placed 5th, Aubrey Crabtree placed 6th, and Kadi Cowan placed 18th.

Our new season is starting soon as we are always welcoming new faces. Check us out TODAY and let you child shine at Tumble Shine Gymnastics 859-985-7429.

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