Richmond Police Report July 27, 2015


Kidnapping Arrest: On 07/20/2015, police charged David V. Sageser, age 40, Doylesville Road, Richmond, for several offenses stemming from a domestic that occurred in June 2015.

On 06/21/2015, RPD officers were dispatched to Claiborne Drive in response to a reported domestic dispute. Upon arrival, officers met with a female identifying herself as Sageser’s girlfriend. She reported that the two were involved in a verbal dispute when she ordered him to leave her apartment. Sageser refused and proceeded to pin the female’s head against the couch, threatened her, and pulled out some of her hair. Sageser continued to threaten the woman and refused to let her up or to leave the apartment. The woman feared that Sageser might locate a handgun she had in the apartment so when she was allowed to sit up and Sageser had his back turned, she grabbed the pistol and ran to a utility room to unload it. She managed to unload the weapon before Sageser caught up to her and wrestled it from her hands. She was then able to flee from the apartment but was tackled on the stairs outside of the apartment by Sageser. A neighbor appeared long enough to distract Sageser and the victim escaped to another neighbor’s apartment where police were contacted.

On 06/23/2015, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Sageser charging him for the following offenses:
– Kidnapping
– Assault 4th Degree
– Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon

On 07/20/2015, Sageser was taken into custody on the strength of the warrant by the Berea Police Department. He was lodged in the MCDC.


Quick-Change Theft: On 07/18/2015, a cashier at Walmart, Eastern Bypass, was victimized by a couple of quick-change artists, resulting in the loss of $1100.00.

At approximately 5:40 P.M., a black male wearing a gray tank top and riding a motorized shopping cart approached the cashier and produced a $100.00 bill to pay for two bottles of tea valued at $2.65. During a series of confusing moves, the suspect was able to confuse the cashier, resulting in $697.35 being returned to the suspect rather than the $97.35 in change he was supposed to have received.

Shortly thereafter, another black male wearing teal shorts and a shirt followed in line and attempted to obtain changed for a $100.00 bill, but the cashier declined the request and the second male departed in the company of the aforementioned male suspect.

Approximately 10 minutes later, a third black male approached the cashier to pay for $3.13 worth of merchandise with a $100.00 bill. Once again, a series of confusing moves occurred which resulted in the cashier giving the male $100.00 too much in change.

When a manager counted the money in the cashier’s drawer, it was $1100.00 short, leading to the belief that the two males had actually managed to pilfer an extra $400.00 from the cashier during the transactions.

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