State Representative Candidate Receives Highest Possible NRA Rating

Michael Bryant enjoying his family’s traditional Christmas Day trip to the shooting range in 2013.
Michael Bryant enjoying his family’s traditional Christmas Day trip to the shooting range in 2013.

Michael Bryant, Republican candidate for Kentucky’s 89th District House of Representatives seat, which includes part of Madison County, has been awarded the National Rifle Association’s highest possible rating for a Challenger Candidate. “The ‘AQ’ rating is the highest possible rating that our organization can assign to a non-incumbent candidate,” stated a representative of the NRA headquartered in Fairfax, VA. While it is true that the NRA only provides their official “endorsement” to incumbent candidates who have a voting record, Bryant is pleased with the NRA’s significant acknowledgement of his support of our Second Amendment rights.

“I went on my first hunting trip in rural Southeastern Kentucky with my father when I was 5 years old and I never got over it,” Bryant commented. Now an avid hunter and outdoorsman himself, Bryant has taught his own children to appreciate the shooting sports and the positive impact and conservation value of controlled hunting and fishing on the environment. “In addition to target shooting and hunting,” Bryant added, “I believe we have a God-given right to protect our families and our homes from those individuals that might threaten our safety. When God blesses us with a right, I don’t believe that the government can take it from us – nor should they try.”

Bryant’s primary contender in the 2014 Republican Primary was previously assigned a B+ rating by the NRA. “That doesn’t mean she doesn’t support the Second Amendment,” Bryant stated. “It simply demonstrates a softening on the issue at some point during a critical vote or committee decision.” Bryant went on to say, “I won’t soften on this issue. I won’t back down on our inalienable right to self-protection and our right to enjoy the shooting sports in Kentucky and beyond. I’m all in.”
Bryant’s claim to being “all in” is certainly supportable. In addition to being a hunting property owner and shooting activist, Bryant is a member and supporter of the NRA and also served as an instructor for the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resource’s Hunter Safety Education Program. Most recently, Bryant served as a Master Instructor for the Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons program in Kentucky and is CCDW licensed himself. “I’m not just a blind supporter of our right to bear arms,” Bryant cautioned. “I am an advocate for education, for safety, and for teaching individual responsibility and accountability when it comes to the use of firearms for hunting, for pleasure or for self-defense. I am honored that the NRA recognizes this position and has blessed us with their acknowledgement and support.”

You can follow Bryant’s campaign on Facebook® at Michael Bryant for KY State Representative – 89th District or on Twitter® at @Bryant4StateRep. The campaign website can be found at and you can contact Michael directly at [email protected].

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