NEW Berea Arts Markets


I am pleased to introduce you to a new sales and demonstration opportunity in Berea. Berea Center for the Arts will in 2014 sponsor six one-day market days, all on Saturdays from 10 AM – 5 PM.

The 2014-dates are: 4/26, 5/17, 6/21, 8/16, 9/20, and 10/18. More dates are planned for 2015 and 2016.

The markets that will only allow 10-12 booths per market will begin on 4/26 and continue till October with a monthly event. We have tried to tie our events together with other events in town. E.g. 4/26 is the same date as the sold-out 11th Hands Four Spring Dance Weekend, and 8/16 is the same day as the Berea Celtic Festival.

Our aim is to help promote all kinds of artists and media at an affordable price at a central and well-known location. Berea Center for the Arts itself represents more than 35 juried artists and is also the home of Fiber Frenzy, who has the largest selection of local yarn from Lexington to Knoxville, Puppets and Such, who make their own puppets and performs at schools and fairs, and the Old Town Seamstress, who specializes in Civil War costumes and history. Berea Center for the Arts also hosts live music at its 50-seat auditorium.

This is the first of its kind one-day outdoor shows in Berea, and we want to celebrate the obvious talent that so many arts and crafts people possess and help promote their genuine efforts to share this talent with the world that surrounds us and hopefully draw a crowd to the shows.

This serious attempt to arrange small, one-day shows is supported by Berea Tourism’s own goals to promote Berea as a place “Where Art’s Alive” and it goes hand-in-hand with the Kentucky Guild of Arts and Craftsmen’s mission. President Jeannette Rowlette has promised to help promote Berea Arts Markets. You don’t have to be juried to participate, but you have to be good. Many young, talented upcoming artists may not yet have had the chance to showcase their artwork. This may be the opportunity they have been waiting for.

The booth fee is only $50. Come and join us and let’s hear what you think about this new concept.

For further information please call: Sune Frederiksen at 859-248-0690, or e-mail [email protected]

Sune Frederiksen created Berea Center for the Arts five years ago in the old Berea movie theater, and he is also the man behind Berea International Festival, Berea Celtic Festival and Hands Four Spring Dance and for eight years he was the owner of Main Street Cafe.

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