Andy Barr Recklessly Votes for Default

Elisabeth Jensen
Elisabeth Jensen

Yesterday, Andy Barr voted in favor of the government of the United States defaulting on its debt. It was a vote that economists across the political spectrum have warned would be catastrophic for the economy.

The Chief Economist at Moody’s has warned that default would be disastrous. “The economic damage created by a government shutdown doesn’t compare to that of breaching the debt limit,” said Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics. “Breaching the limit would be an economic disaster.”[Politico, 9/26/13]

Elisabeth Jensen, Democratic Candidate for Congress in Kentucky’s 6th district, had this to say about the vote yesterday:

“Yesterday, Congressman Barr chose to vote for our government to default. He voted for economic disaster. While our debt is an important issue that needs to be addressed, I have spent the last eight months talking to people all over the 6th district and listening to their concerns. Their priorities are better paying jobs and education. Improving our economy and putting people back to work will go a long way toward addressing our debt.”

“I am running for Congress because we can’t afford to continue playing these kinds of games,” said Jensen. “Working families in Kentucky deserve a Representative in Congress who stands up for common-sense solutions to get our economy working again — like reducing the debt by making tough choices with our nation’s spending — not one who plays partisan games that could wreck our nation’s economic strength.”

Elisabeth Jensen, as an executive of a non-profit and with deep experience in the business community, brings the tools and experience needed to get the economy working again. She is running for Congress to seek common sense, bi-partisan solutions to the challenges facing our country.

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