Richmond Little League Baseball Signup

Richmond Little League Baseball
Richmond Little League Baseball

Age as of April 30, 2014

League Ages: Senior 13-16, Major 11-12, Minor 9-10, Coach Pitch 8-9, Rookie Coach Pitch 6-7, Tee 5-6, Wee 4-5
*Players who are 6 and have played one season in Tee Ball may play in Rookie Coach Pitch.
*Players who are 7 and have played one spring season in Rookie Coach Pitch may tryout
for Coach Pitch, and if not drafted on a Coach Pitch team will play in Rookie Coach Pitch.
*Players who are 8 and have played two spring seasons, one of which was in Coach Pitch, may tryout
for Minor League, and if not drafted on a Minor League team will play on a Coach Pitch team.
*Players who are 9 and not drafted into Minor League will play on a Coach Pitch team.
*Players who are 11 and not drafted in Major League will play on a Minor League team.

Sunday, January 12 2:00-4:30 PM Galaxy Bowling Ctr.
Saturday, January 18 2:00-4:30 PM Galaxy Bowling Ctr.
Sunday, January 19 2:00-4:30 PM Galaxy Bowling Ctr.

There will be a $10 late fee for sign ups after January 19th.
Those who do not sign up on the above dates can be placed on a waiting list by emailing a message to [email protected] Include child’s name, birth date, parent’s name and contact information.
Those on the waiting list may not get on a team.
Wee Ball $ 45.00
T-Ball $ 65.00
Rookie Coach Pitch $ 75.00
Coach Pitch $ 75.00
Minor $ 75.00
Major $ 75.00
Senior $105.00


SENIOR LEAGUE GAMES will begin in May at the end of the middle school baseball season.
An additional sign up date for Senior League will be on Sunday, March 9 at the Little League office from 2:00 to 3:00. The tryout date for Senior League will be March 16.

All players who DID NOT PLAY in the Fall or Spring 2013 season in the Richmond Little League program SHOULD BRING a CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE to sign-ups. A hospital certificate is not a certified birth certificate. A certified birth certificate may be obtained via the Internet at

REGISTRATION FORMS are available on the website ( )and will be available at sign ups. Payment (cash or check) is expected at the time of sign-ups. There is no scholarship/financial assistance program.

FUND RAISER INFORMATION WILL BE PROVIDED AT SIGNUPS. Parents may choose to participate in the fund raiser and sell at a later date, OR parents may choose not to participate and pay an additional buyout fee at signups.

VOLUNTEER FORMS will need to be completed by all adults who would like to be a manager, coach , to help at practices, or assist with players in any way when providing service to the league. Volunteer forms will be available at signups. Volunteer forms (including a copy of a picture ID) should be given to one of the commissioners at sign ups. All managers and coaches must be approved by the Board of Directors. All other volunteers may be approved by a Commissioner. Managers and Coaches will be required to attend trainings and meetings as scheduled.


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