Madison Co. Schools on two-hour delay Tuesday, Jan. 28‏

Madison Co. Schools
Madison Co. Schools

Madison County Schools will operate on a two-hour delay on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014. As a result of the delay, there will be NO morning preschool or kindergarten.

Afternoon preschool and kindergarten will operate at regular time. Breakfast will not be served, but lunch will be served on regular schedule.

What does the two-hour delay option mean for parents and students?

 A two-hour delay would be announced in the same way as a school cancellation. Please check all the local media including television stations, radio stations, the district website, the district’s Facebook page or the district’s Twitter page for that information.

 During a two-hour delay, the district may need to cancel school if the weather does not permit for a safe start to the day. Please continue to check news outlets throughout the delay.

 Buses will run two hours after their regular schedule. If your child is a bus rider in the mornings, please make arrangements for your child to get on his/her bus at the delayed time.

 If your child is a car rider, you will be able to drop your child off at his/her school two hours after the regular drop off time.

 Our schools will be open as close to regular time as the weather permits. If you need to drop your child off earlier than the delayed start time, you may do so. Supervision will be provided.

 Breakfast WILL NOT be provided in the event of a two-hour delay.

 Lunch will be provided on the normal schedule.

 Afternoon release times will be as normal.

 During a two-hour delay, MORNING kindergarten and preschool will be cancelled.

 AFTERNOON kindergarten and preschool will operate at regular times. Buses for midday pick up will run on their regular schedules.

 Middle School Students who normally meet 1st period at the high school will report to their middle school and will not go to the high school for that day.

If you would like additional information, please contact your child’s school or the Central
Office at 859-624-4500.

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  1. My son goes to Madison middle school and I need to know the exactly what time his bus will pick him up
    In the morning. On Tuesday morning. His bus normally. Show. Up. At.
    7:30a.m. please let me know. Thanks.

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