Madison County Births Dec. 22-28, 2013


Dec.22,2013 – Kallie Isaacs & Matthew Blair – Lexington – Boy
Dec.25,2013 – Heather & Thomas Patrick III – Richmond – Girl
Dec.26,2013 – Stefanie & Hubert White – Irvine – Girl
Dec.27,2013 – Tiffany & Joseph Clark – Richmond – Boy
Dec.27,2013 – Amanda & Collin Williams – Berea – Girl
Dec.27,2013 – Victoria Rison & Arthur Embry – Irvine – Girl
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Dec.28,2013 – Jazzmin Jeter & Shay Netter – Richmond – Girl

Births: post birth announcements weekly at no charge to the family. The weekly post however is just the names of the parents and the sex of the child (no photos). If you would like to introduce your bundle of joy to friends and family near and far email your announcement and photo to [email protected] and we would be more than happy to make a special posting of the newest edition of your family. (Cost $10) For more information email us at the before mentioned email address.

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