(Richmond, Ky.) In addition to hearing the test tones from outdoor warning sirens and indoor Advisor Alert Radios, some Madison County residents will receive a TEST MESSAGE via phone call or text message.

The Madison County Emergency Alert Program will be tested on the morning of Wednesday, September 18, 2013 as part of the annual federally-graded community exercise of the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP).

Madison County Emergency Management cannot announce which residents will receive a call, because the agency will not know which emergency response zones will be affected by the mock scenario in the exercise.

“The recipients of the test message will depend on the extent of the mock emergency the evaluators give us,” said Madison County Emergency Management Agency Director Carl Richards.

“We want to let our residents know they could possibly receive the test message, but it is impossible for us to know just who will receive the calls or texts,” said Richards.

All Madison County residents with a land line telephone are included in the system database. Land line phones in Madison County are included in the E-9-1-1 database and will receive emergency messages from the Madison County Emergency Alert Program. Madison County residents who do not have a land line phone have the option to register their cell phone number or email with the Madison County Emergency Alert Program to receive the emergency messages from the program.

Madison County residents with cell phones who have registered with the program also may receive a test message call as part of the exercise.

The program provides emergency messages via phone calls, texts, and e-mail to those persons interested in receiving such information. The messages will be sent only during emergencies of a large scale—the program is not intended for severe weather alerts. The only exception will be to test the system, like the exercise on September 18.

If You Receive a TEST MESSAGE from Madison County Emergency Alert Program:
 On the morning of Wednesday, September 18, the system will be activated to send a test message to recipients. If a message cannot be confirmed as received, a second attempt will be made.

 When residents receive the test message, they are asked to please follow the instructions to respond. Response from residents assists Madison County EMA/CSEPP in evaluating the program’s effectiveness.

 Land line phones may receive two calls if there is no confirmation the message has been received.

 If a resident’s phone has an answering machine and it records the TEST message, those residents are asked to call the phone number given and follow the instructions to respond. Madison County residents interested in registering for the Madison County Emergency Alert Program may visit
www.madisoncountyema.net and look for a tab at the top of the menu bar titled “ALERT & NOTIFICATION.”

Clicking here provides a drop-down menu. Clicking “Emergency Alert Program” will lead to a button titled “Register Today,” which provides a link to the program registration.

If residents have questions about the program, they may call (859) 623-2010 and leave a message for personnel to return the call.

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