Michael Coblenz Releases His Proposal to End Partisan Gridlock

Michael Coblenz
Michael Coblenz

Today, Democratic Congressional Candidate Michael Coblenz released his proposal to end partisan gridlock. He discussed the idea briefly when he announced his campaign, and he has now released the formal proposal. Almost no one doubts that our political system is dysfunctional and Washington is highly unpopular and widely ineffective. This proposal addresses ways to end this dysfunction.

Mr. Coblenz’s proposal calls for increasing the size of the House of Representatives. Throughout history the size of Congress grew as the nation’s population grew, but this stopped in 1920. This proposal calls for returning to this historic norm, and setting the size of Congress based on one Representative for every 300,000 citizens. This would increase the number of Representatives in most every state, and Kentucky’s Congressional delegation would increase from 6 to 14 Representatives.

The second part of the proposal calls for establishing multi-seat districts. Under this proposal Kentucky would have five electoral districts, four with three seats, and one with two seats. Voters would chose three candidates from a list of choices, and the three with the most votes would be elected. Multi-seat districts are more representative, and allow minor party candidates to win elections. Multi-seat districts will also eliminate the effectiveness of Gerrymandering and negative campaigning.

In releasing the proposal Mr. Coblenz said: “Many politicians talk about changing the culture in Washington, but I think we need to do more than that. I think we need to change the system. I’m proposing increasing the number of members of the House of Representatives and then, since the states have more Representatives, creating multi-seat districts.

“I have two goals in releasing this proposal. The first is to start a discussion about the causes of gridlock in Washington and what can be done about it. The second goal is to offer my analysis of why the system is broken and to suggest a possible remedy. I believe that multi-seat districts will change the nature of political campaigns and allow the participation of third parties. This will be a major step toward improving our democracy and making government more responsive and effective.”

The full proposal explains these points in detail, and can be found at www.coblenzforcongress.com. If you have questions about the proposal please contact Mr.Coblenz at 859-321-6206, or [email protected]

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