Greg Stumbo’s Letter to LRC Director Bobby Sherman

Greg Stumbo
Greg Stumbo

Today, House Speaker Greg Stumbo sent a letter to LRC Director Bobby Sherman calling for all LRC employees to be made aware of the policies and procedures in cases involving harassment and their rights as employees. Speaker Stumbo also sent a copy of that letter to all House members.

Director Sherman:

Please immediately send letters to all LRC employees advising them of the following:

1.The General Assembly recognizes that all employees have a right to a workplace free of unlawful harassment.

2. Retaliation for opposing or complaining about harassment or participating in legal proceedings relating to harassment is against the law and contrary to LRC policy.

3. The General Assembly encourages all employees to immediately report perceived instances of harassment by coworkers, or by non-LRC employees.

4. Reports may be made to the Director, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, General Counsel, an employee’s supervisor, or to staff intermediaries designated by the Director’s Office.

5. The General Assembly will not engage in or tolerate any form of retaliation against any employee who has made a good faith report of harassment.

6. A Harassment Complaint Form is attached to the Personnel Manual. We encourage, but do not require, an employee to submit a written report of perceived harassment.

As you know, these are all components of our policy. We simply want to highlight these requirements and ensure that each and every employee is reminded of their rights.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Sincerely, Gregory D. Stumbo Speaker of the House

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