Capturing the Art of Sport: Works by Kentucky Artisans

Photos left to right: “The Greatest” by Agustin Zarate; “Ohio River Four” by Marilyn Foulke; “Knight of the Cumberlands” by Jeff and Henrietta Scott; “Cyclists in Motion” by Peggy Sherry.
Photos left to right: “The Greatest” by Agustin Zarate; “Ohio River Four” by Marilyn Foulke; “Knight of the Cumberlands” by Jeff and Henrietta Scott; “Cyclists in Motion” by Peggy Sherry.

A new exhibit, “Capturing the Art of Sport: Works by Kentucky Artisans,” opens Aug. 31 at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, showcasing details, moments, drama and imagery from the wide and varied world of sport.

This exhibit features works by 25 Kentucky artists and includes wood carvings, photographs, paintings, textile works, pottery, baskets, prints, mixed media works and sculpture. The sports depicted by these artists include such activities as fishing, boating, soccer, golf, baseball, greyhound and horse racing, cycling, wrestling, archery, basketball and boxing.

The exhibit showcases a myriad of techniques and approaches. Several artists have captured details from a particular sport while others have rendered portraits of well-known athletes. Portraits by Agustin Zarate capture basketball star Anthony Davis in “Kentucky Fearless,” and the world-famous boxer Muhammad Ali in his painting, “The Greatest.”

Both the drama and solitude of sports are evident in this exhibit. The excitement of horse racing is conveyed in David Farmer’s “Finish Line,” and the fast pace of competitive cycling in Peggy Sherry’s “Cyclists in Motion.”

“My husband and I have been casual cyclists for years and I am fascinated by the level of skill and strategy required by cyclists who compete on the national level,” said Sherry.

Quiet moments in sport can also be observed in Carol Shutt’s photograph, “Fly Fisherman,” in John Snell’s photograph “After the Last Cast,” and in Carl Von Fischer’s work depicting the unloading of a boat, titled “Packing Out.”

“After a good stint of camping and spending time on the water, this painting shows that it is time to leave. It’s not a sad moment, but a reflection of the adventure experienced and the anticipation of another,” said Von Fischer.

This exhibit includes whimsy in the woodcarvings by John Hendrickson, who has depicted a baseball manager and a golfer. Abstraction comes into play with Marilyn Foulke’s wall quilt that shows competitive rowing, titled “Ohio River Four.” Even a historical sports perspective can be seen in Jeff and Henrietta Scott’s clay vases painted with knights in armor on horseback.

Participating artists include Robert Berger, Berea; Patricia Brock, Louisville; Madonna Cash, Louisville; David Farmer, Danville; Lucia Felty, Henderson; Marilyn Foulke, Louisville; Enrique Gonzalez, Lexington; Ronald D. Gosses, Richmond; John Hendrickson, Pineville; Jeannette K. Jones, Berea; Judy Kushner, Georgetown; Melissa Rae Nesselrode, Frankfort; Anna Marie Pavlik, Frankfort; Frosty Rankin, Millersburg; Audrey Schulz, Louisville; Jeff and Henrietta Scott, Columbia; Carol Shaffer, Berea; Debra and Michael Shambro, Lexington; Peggy Sherry, Somerset; Carol Shutt, Hillsboro; John Snell, Lexington; Carl Von Fischer, Mount Vernon; David Waltz, Columbia; Linda S. Will, Richmond; and Agustin Zarate, Lexington.

“Capturing the Art of Sport” will be on display Aug. 31, 2013, through Feb. 22, 2014, at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea. Other special exhibits include, “The Founding of the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea” and “Highlights of the First 10 Years,” on display in the lobby through Nov. 17, 2013.

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