World Premiere of KY Movie with Berea Talent and Locations

Maizie Barrett (photo from
Maizie Barrett (photo from

“Red RIver Moon” Kentucky Theater, June 20th, 7pm

Mighty Quinn Media presents “Red River Moon” a feature film by Bruce Barnett. The movie deals with getting lost in the Appalachian wilderness, specifically the Red River Gorge. It was made by a Kentucky production crew with a Kentucky cast and shot mainly in the Red River Gorge.

Berea native Maizie Barrett is one of the stars of the movie. Maizie is the daughter of folk singers Carla Gover and Berea’s own Mitch Barrett. Their other daughter Zoey Barrett makes a cameo appearance as well.

Berea resident Chad Cogdill served as director of photography on the movie. Cogdill is a professor of film at Eastern Kentucky University and suggested using a Berea residence for one of the scenes. The home of Andrew and Betina Gardner was used as the main characters family home. Another scene was shot on the rural property of Jennifer Sawyer.

The movie features the music of some the region’s finest musicians in Carla Gover, Tripp Bratton, John Rose, (Lexington) Jesse Wells, Don Rogers (Bath County), Jeri Howell (Frankfort), Bret Ratliff (Whitesburg), and others. The score represents Appalachia’s rich musical heritage with a wide variety of traditional instrumentation.

Writer, Director, Producer Bruce Barnett wrote the first draft of the script in 2007 with the idea of spotlighting what he felt was Kentucky’s most scenic backdrop, the Red River Gorge. He also believed if he could get some of the area’s best musical talent along with a solid cast and crew, the movie could be something special.

Virginia Newsome was cast in the lead role of Zoe a city girl. Nat Colten was cast as Travis, a boy living in the heart of Appalachia. Principle photography (Filming) took place in June and July of 2010. What was supposed to be two separate filming stints in the Red River Gorge turned into three when the production was shut down due to a nearby bear attack. The gorge and the movie production were temporarily shut down. The cast and crew returned again and again until filming was complete.

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