School Nursing Program

Madison Co Schools
Madison Co Schools

Madison County Schools has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to student health services. More than 20 years ago, the district worked in partnership to create a comprehensive program. Over those 20 years, the district has sought ways to improve services for our students. The district highly values our long-standing partnership we have enjoyed with the Madison County Health Department and anticipates that partnership to continue.

“It has never been nor will it ever be the district’s intention to lesson our commitment to providing health, dental and other services to our students as available,” said Superintendent Tommy Floyd. “These services are a vital part of the education process in Madison County Schools. Our local school board has made it clear that student health is a priority as we address the needs of the whole child.”

During the past two years, the district has pursued other options for supplemental funding with respect to the school nurse program in order to offset rising costs.

The district continues to work toward continued health services and we ask for patience as we seek a new potential partner to retain our school nurse program. Negotiations have begun and the details are being worked out at this time. The district has two goals in establishing a new partnership for the school nurse program:

A. The new provider will offer comparable health services as are currently offered to our students; and
B. The new provider will make every effort to retain as many of the current nursing staff as possible so that service will seem uninterrupted for our students.

“The district is hopeful that this transition will not affect quality in any way as we begin school next fall,” Floyd said. “We are hopeful that many of the faces our students see in the nurses’ offices across the district will be the same faces next school year.”

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