The Soul of Conservatism is Alive and Well Thank You

Robert New

A lot has been written since the election, analysis from every side, commentary, blame and finger pointing. The media is salivating over what they are calling the infighting in the Republican Party. And to some extent there is some of that going on; it can be expected after such an important loss.

But one thing the media is not writing about, whether by choice or by ignorance. And that is the fact that the conservative movement is not dead, but very much alive. I hate to burst a lot of people’s bubble, but the heart of conservatism does not lie in bloviating TV pundits and has-been political consultants raking in six figures, sitting in multi-million dollar studios, writing on white boards, promoting their books and telling us who is most electable. Neither is it in the “nut cases” wasting their time and energy posting on Facebook and Twitter about signing a secession petition. I really hope the media keeps focusing on these and not the truth.

The real soul of conservatism is the local party leaders and precinct captains, recruiting people to give up their Saturdays to walk door to door in the cold and rain. To give up their evenings making phone calls using their own phones. It’s in the local races that are flipping local government seats that have been democratic for 60 years to an upstart young conservative candidate that no one gave a chance. It is in the state races where governors and state houses are going from blue to red in places never thought possible. And a lot of the ones that haven’t changed yet are gaining ground every election. It’s in the congressional race where an arrogant four-term democrat in a district hand drawn to make him safe is defeated by a young candidate who fights like his own baby’s future depends on it. And it’s in the local races where a candidate works so hard because he believes in the conservative message that even with the flu on the weekend before the election is still out knocking on doors and fighting for every vote.

So keep signing your petitions that don’t matter and post about it to all your friends or sit on TV and make an ass of yourself while telling us how relevant you are. But don’t look for me to be paying attention; I have a country to fight for. –Robert New–

One thought on “The Soul of Conservatism is Alive and Well Thank You”

  1. I find your ideas amateurish and silly. Many people fighting for our country are not “conservative”.Many are “liberal”, but many are moderates who love their country.
    The conservative ideas at the present time are mean and divisive. I don’t care for Chandler, bur Barr is far more arrogant.
    You are a one trick pony and say the same drivel over and over.

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