Chandler and Beshear: No Friend of Coal

Robert New

On August fifteenth Gov. Beshear reported that a company in India has entered in to a $7 billion 25 year agreement to buy coal from Kentucky and West Virginia. Barrack Obama, supported by Ben Chandler and other democrats, has waged a war on coal through Cap and Trade and the EPA.

They claim everything from carbon emissions to water pollution from run off, to saving the mountains. President Obama even said he would bankrupt coal fired power plants, which is the one promise he made that he has kept. It isn’t ok for us to mine coal and provide thousands of jobs so we can have cheap energy, but it is ok for us to mine coal to sell to countries we already have a hard time competing with so they can have cheap electricity.

Other than keeping some mining jobs, how is this good? We are outsourcing jobs now because over regulation by the government has made it unprofitable to produce products here. We already are facing outsourcing of jobs at staggering levels. If it is so devastating to the earth for us to mine and burn coal here, why isn’t just as bad to mine it, ship it half way across the globe, and let another country burn it? Isn’t the damage the same?

Ben Chandler and Steve Beshear should be fighting for the people of Kentucky and not letting the EPA close our mines and power plants, not forcing our energy prices to skyrocket while selling our coal to India and China, and not playing political games with our jobs. I guess they are willing to sacrifice the livelihood of the people who elected them in order to support President Obama’s agenda.

-Robert New-

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