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Madison Co. Schools

Madison County Schools Transportation Department saw an increase in miles driven in 2010-2011 over the 2009-2010 school year. However, the level remains near the 2005-2006 miles driven. That level is significant because it is prior to the addition of two additional instructional days required by the state. It is also prior to the opening of B. Michael Caudill Middle School. Since the 2006-2007 school year, the district has added only one bus route — 144 routes total serving 10 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 2 high schools plus the Bellevue Learning Center. The district still remains more than 144,000 miles driven less than the 2006-2007 school year.

Efficiency is paramount when transporting more than 8,000 students per day to and from school. The department began looking at combining routes and using a routing software (Transfinder) several years ago. These two initiatives have created a much more efficient department. Other initiatives that aided in efficiency are:

• Bus stops for middle and high school students. Madison County Schools does continue to make door- to-door stops for elementary students. But middle and high school students are asked to gather at bus stops to reduce the number of stops and starts those buses make on each route.

• In the Waco area, buses running two routes meet to transfer students. Those students traveling on to a middle or high school ride one bus and those traveling on to Waco Elementary ride another bus. A similar exchange happens in the Kirksville area as well.

• Middle/High school buses transfer students as well so that one bus does not travel to a middle school and a high school. Buses meet along a route and exchange students so that all high school students ride one bus and all middle school students ride another.

• Better trained drivers and assistants and a better maintained fleet of buses have made a much more efficient department as well. Drivers have completed all required inspections as well. These steps help decrease the cost of maintenance and repairs.

• Properly staffed office has also led to a more organized department. The more organized department has made the efficiency in the department better as well.

Transportation has not been fully funded by the state since 2003-2004.

2004-2005 $153,659 shortage 2008-2009 $1,899,853 shortage

2005-2006 $464,919 shortage 2009-2010 $1,614,411 shortage

2006-2007 $807,076 shortage 2010-2011 $1,945,445 shortage

2007-2008 $1,014,128 shortage 2011-2012 $2,141,165 shortage

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