TechTalk with Chad Hembree Show Ends, 3 New Shows announced

TechTalk LogoTechTalk with Chad Hembree has been on the air since 1995. I would like to thank all my loyal followers and listeners that have supported me all these years. Ever since the loss of my father this year Ive not been able maintain a regular schedule. As a result I have asked my guest host and cohort Dean Buttry to assist me by stepping up into a leadership role.

After many weeks of review and research we are almost ready to release our new products. We are excited about these new endeavors and hope you will be as well.

The first step was to connect Dean to the public as a tech expert. After a year of hosting TechTalk, Dean has also started his own blog, While I love teasing Dean about his wild writing style, so far every post has been extremely informative and engaging on an array of topics.

The second step is to announce that this is the last season for TechTalk with Chad Hembree. The last show will be the year-end review and we have already recorded enough shows to finish the season. I would like to go out with a party and a location will be announced for the final show. TechTalk is not going away completely and will continue as my personal tech blog.

The third step is to announce three new shows premiering in January 2012.

The first show is Tech Overlords.  Tech Overloards is a high-definition ride into the wow-factor zone.  Tech Overlords will cover the tech stuff we covet, from phones to cars and gadgets to gizmos.  Tech overlords will be scaled around the 25 minute schedule with some specials and field trips running longer. The 25 minute weekly show will be made available for radio broadcast, iTunes, YouTube and our local partner

The second show premiering in January will be the Pop 540. Pop 540 is a nine minute journey into the weekly trending topics in pop culture. Entertainment news, movie releases, TV releases and reviews based on the hottest talked about subjects each week.

The third show premiering in January is Bandwidth Killers. If you like gaming and apps Bandwidth Killers is the show for you. A 25 minute, comical and entertaining, riot covering the latest releases in games and apps with intertwined skits and surprises. If you have a 10th as much fun watching Bandwidth Killers as we have creating it, you re certain to love it.

The fourth step is to announce that we are officially starting a technology club. The club will meet monthly where we will have guest speakers, interactive displays, discussions and games. This club will service a wide range of tech enthusiasts, professionals and fans. If you are interested in getting into the ground level of this venture shoot me a message on Twitter – ChadHembree  or e-mail [email protected]

It has been a great 16 year run and I must admit it saddens me a bit, but alas, all good things must come to an end. You can continue to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and where I will be releasing regular updates.


Chad Hembree

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