BOL ends official support for IE6 and Firefox 2, IE7 on the chopping block in 2012

In an effort to provided the latest technologies, fastest speeds and guaranteed compatibility we urge all users to upgrade to a modern web browser. Internet Explorer 6 released with Windows XP in 2001 and had a troubled existence from the start plagued with security issues. IE7 will also be added to our list of unsupported browsers as of 1st quarter 2012. This move is to accommodate new standards without compromise.

We are not trying to dictate how users surf the web by dropping support for these outdated technologies. currently and openly supports over 20 browsers, but we recommend the following as our favorites: Google Chrome v15+, Apple”s Safari v5+, Firefox v8+, Opera v10+ and Microsoft IE9+.

Happy Surfing,
Chad Hembree

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