Restless Heart Celebrates 25 Years in Renfro Valley

Restless Heart

Renfro Valley Entertainment Center is very proud to welcome country music super group Restless Heart to the New Barn Theater on Saturday, July 16th for one show only at 7:00pm! This will mark Restless Hearts only 2011 Kentucky appearance as they travel on their 25th Anniversary Tour with all five original band members!
The harmonies are pure silver, polished to a high sheen. And, as easily as silver conducts electricity, their music has electrified audiences around the world. Legendary country music group, Restless Heart, is celebrating over 25 years of perfecting the art of entertaining.
Restless Heart came together in late 1983 as the by-product of a project by famed writer/producer Tim Dubois. He soon brought to the team fellow Oklahoman Scott Hendricks to co-produce and engineer the recording project, which quickly lead to a record deal. Restless Heart signed a recording contract with RCA Records in 1984.
With the release of their first album in 1985, the vocal style of Restless Heart became instantly identifiable – an intertwining five part harmony led by Larry Stewart, with Dave Innis on keyboards, Greg Jennings on lead guitar, Paul Gregg on bass and drummer, John Dittrich. They brought a new, contemporary sound to Nashville, a sound with a touch of pop – the sound which so strongly influences popular country acts of today like Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town.
Gold became the standard for the group with the release of their self-titled album. Three more gold albums followed between 1986 and 1991. With an additional six albums released through the years, Restless Heart put 26 hits on the country charts with six #1 hits and nine others in the Top Ten. Cross-over success, rare in the music world, was also theirs with six songs making the adult contemporary charts, including taking the #1, #2 and #3 spots.
Having grown and endured challenges through the years, after a brief hiatus, the spark was re-ignited, bringing all 5 original members together again in the new millennium, putting Restless Heart back on the road. Their first real gig as a reunited group was the 2002 Operation Season’s Greetings

Tour, an overseas military entertainment tour with the Air Force. They haven’t stopped touring since, averaging more than 100 shows per year, including an around-the-world military tour in 2007.
Today, driven by the musical force which brought them together over 25 years ago and tempered by experience, Restless Heart continues to thrill old and new fans by doing what they do best– appreciating their audiences and having a good time making great music!
Renfro Valley Entertainment Center is located off of interstate 75 at exit 62 and is proudly known as “Kentucky’s Country Music Capital!” For information, reservations and tickets call 1-800-765-7464. Check out the brand new redesigned Renfro Valley website at!

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