All Things Good – No Longer In Over My head

Jennifer Ponder
Jennifer Ponder

Ooo La La they are done.  I know maybe its a little foolish to get so excited over two little ole chairs but I must say I have been sooo excited to get these sweet little babies back to mamas house.   Just in case you haven t been following and don t have a clue as to what I am talking about let me fill you in.



A little while back I purchased these lovely lil ole beauties at the mini mall.

They were in need of being recovered and being the smart person I am I thought…hey I can do that, no problem.  Well guess what it was a problem because I didn t have a clue about what to do when I took the covering off and found this.

I knew I was out of my league so I did what any smart person would do…I took them to a professional.  I wanted to preserve them as much as I could, I just couldn t bring myself to destroy them.  So with that being said here they are after Bonnie (thank you Bonnie) retied the springs and recovered them.


Did I say I love them?  Well if not I m saying it now.

Welcome home…now to find the perfect place for you.


Jennifer Ponder

Jennifer and her family live in Brodhead, Kentucky (Rockcastle County) where they are very active members if the community.

Jennifer describes herself in her Blog – Where do I even start. Like so many of you I wear many different hats and honestly I love them all. Some days I may not think so but at the end of the day I realize that everything I do and everything I am to myself and everyone else is what makes me who I am. Today I wouldn t change a thing but ask me tomorrow and I might have a different take on it, after all it is a womans prerogative to change her mind. Right?

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