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Jennifer Ponder
Jennifer Ponder

Queen For A Day

Hope all are having a wonderful day so far.   Did anyone else get an early start to the day and fire up the TV early this morning?

The matriarch of this royal household was up and at it early with anticipation and excitement for the Royal Wedding.  My King slept soundly and so did Prince Logan.  I woke Princess Emily and tried to get her to to watch the big event but sleep was much more important to her.  Oh well, you know how those sweet little princesses need their beauty sleep.

Being the talented Queen that I am I have done a little laundry and dishes, watched the wedding, cried, got the kids off to school, cried some more and still look like a Queen in my PJ s, bed head hair and smeared mascara.  Darn…I forgot to put my Tiara on…guess I better go get it and put it on.  Oh yeah, that really makes my hair look better except for the pieces that seem to want to stick straight out from the side of my head and those that are stuck up thru the top of my Tiara.  Maybe if I wet it down with a little spittle that will help…Nah that didn t work.  Oh well what s a Queen to do?

Have you got a mental image in your head…if so it s really ok to laugh…go ahead I know you want to.

Anyway….Hope all of you have a wonderful day.  Looks like we may have a day without rain today, time to get out and see what all I can find.

Good Day My Royal Subjects!

Jennifer Ponder

Jennifer and her family live in Brodhead, Kentucky (Rockcastle County) where they are very active members if the community.

Jennifer describes herself in her Blog – Where do I even start. Like so many of you I wear many different hats and honestly I love them all. Some days I may not think so but at the end of the day I realize that everything I do and everything I am to myself and everyone else is what makes me who I am. Today I wouldn t change a thing but ask me tomorrow and I might have a different take on it, after all it is a womans prerogative to change her mind. Right?


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