All Things Good – My Visit to The Burlington Antique Show

Jennifer Ponder
Jennifer Ponder

Don t know about you all but I had a wonderful weekend…woohoo… but it has taken me a day or two to recover.  Just now getting time to share with you my wonderful weekend treasure hunt.

To check out the show dates and other info visit their website at


Here we are, Misty, me and Roxanna,  ready to see what treasures and bargains we can find and believe me we found alot!  PS..the guy at booth 88 was kind enough to stop and take our picture and he was sure to tell us his booth number when we told him the picture was going to be on a blog.  So…maybe he will have the same booth number next month…if so check out his beauties, I m sure you can find something.


Despite being a cold day and a very muddy mess we had a great day.  Here s a little sample of the treasures we saw.




See the tall wire basket here?  Still kicking myself over not purchasing it…it would have been great to use in the laundry room.



Look at all the sweet lil treasures here.


Hmmm…I think maybe something caught her eye at this booth.


See anything here you might be interested in?


If only my little boy was still little…but at 17 I guess he wouldn t want these in his room now.


Let me just say I was on overload by this time and wanted one of almost everything I saw.  Just didn t have room to get it home, maybe next time.


I meant to get a picture before we unloaded Misty s treasures but I forgot.  Just to paint a little picture…I m pretty sure the two old men watching us load it all up were makingg wagers that we couldn t do it but guess what we did!  Never doubt determined women, right!?


And since we didn t take time to eat at the market we went to the Central House Diner to rest and grab a bite.  The food and atmosphere was great, nice and relaxing.  So if you have a chance to visit sometime be sure to stop by and grab a bite to eat…I think you will love it.


Jennifer Ponder

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