All Things Good – A Little Mix Of Something Old and Something New

Jennifer Ponder
Jennifer Ponder

Go away cold weather…I m ready for spring.  Are you?  That little teaser warm spring week that we had sure left a lasting impression and I want it back…PLEASE!  I was all prepared to get started on my project list.  I did set out some pansies…I was so tired of looking at those old empty pots of dirt.  Doesn t this look soooo much better than a pot of dirt?

And I got these sweet little babies too…just waiting to plant them and watch them grow.  Hurry spring…I need you.  So… since I can t do things outside here s a little something I found at my new favorite flea market.


Right now she s all decorated up for Easter but soon she will find herself outside all filled with flowers (don tcha love the eggs my sweet girl painted for me).


Of course sometimes you have to mix a little new with the old like this little beauty from Willow House.  I added a couple of little chicks and a bunch of eggs from Hobby Lobby.  Oh and that adorable little bunny is also from Hobby Lobby too.




Since the trees were blooming so beautifully I couldn t resist bringing in a little of their beauty so that I could enjoy it even more.  By the way the vase is alsoWillow House (available in the online outlet store).


Of course I m getting prepared for Easter even though my babies aren t little anymore I still love filling their baskets with all kinds of goodies like this lil cutie…

Shhh…don t tell them…remember it s the Easter Bunny that delivers all these goodies.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Jennifer Ponder

Jennifer and her family live in Brodhead, Kentucky (Rockcastle County) where they are very active members if the community.

Jennifer describes herself in her Blog – Where do I even start. Like so many of you I wear many different hats and honestly I love them all. Some days I may not think so but at the end of the day I realize that everything I do and everything I am to myself and everyone else is what makes me who I am. Today I wouldn t change a thing but ask me tomorrow and I might have a different take on it, after all it is a womans prerogative to change her mind. Right?


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