Email Scam Warning

Berea Chamber of Commerce

Several Berea Chamber of Commerce members have received emails over the past few weeks that have turned out to be scams. The scam reads as follows: I know you will be wondering about this email to you, but i am in a very bad situation at the moment.i made a quick trip to UK for an empowerment seminar.last nite i got robbed and lost all my personal belonging my credit cards ,cash in my wallet all gone ,i am stranded at the moment i need you help to loan me some money so i can pay the balance of my hotel bill and get a ticket down home ,i will pay you as soon as i get back ,i am sure you can do this.let me know if you will be able to loan me so i can give you info of where to send it to. I got my jaw injured so i am going for treatment as well. You can reach me via email or May field hotels desk phone, the numbers are, +447024030610 or +447024030611.
If you receive such an email you should delete it immediately from your inbox then delete it from your deleted folder.

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