Preserving Family Memories

Darlene G. Snyder

This is the last post in the series of preserving family memories. As promised I am including a few interview questions to help get you started in recording a family member who may possess information and memories you want to preserve. These questions can be used in video and audio recordings. Check my prior posts for details about recording.
Before I get to the questions, I did want to mention one other area of preserving memories and that is scrapbooking. This is an area I do not excel in at all, but those who enjoy this can preserve memories in a beautiful manner. There are several sites on the web you might want to check out. Here is a couple that might help you if you think you might enjoy preserving memories this way. and I have several friends who enjoy scrapbooking and I have seen some of their work. I am very envious of the care they take on each page and for each photo they include.
Now to those questions I promised…

Interview Questions
• Tell me something about your father/mother
• Walk through your childhood home and tell me what it looks like.
• Do you have any interesting stories about learning to drive a car that you want to share?
• Describe school days and friends or any interesting stories regarding school.
• How did you celebrate Christmas in your home? Do you recall believing in Santa Clause? When did you learn that there really wasn””””””””t a Santa?
• What kind of work did you do at home and/or after leaving home?
• How did you meet your spouse? Describe a typical date with him/her.
• Where were you raised? Give interesting details about your hometown.
• How many children did you have? Recall interesting memories about your children.
• How did the “great depression” affect you?
• Recall summer vacations
• Recall any religious experiences as a child.
• What was discipline like in your home?
• What kind of chores did you have to do as a child?
• Memories of your grandparents.
• Any deaths in your family as a child? Describe what you felt and experienced – how that death affected you.
• Did you have to cope with any periods of hardships as a child? What kind and how did it affect you?
• Describe clothing styles and thoughts or discuss hair styles from your past.
• Did you ever do anything that others might consider risky? If so, what?
• Share memories of your spouse/marriage and life together.
• List any favorite books, movies or television shows.
• What did you and your family do for fun?
• What sports did you enjoy? Were you athletic?
• Have you received any awards or distinctions? Where did you earn them and from whom did you earn them?

Good luck in your endeavors toward Preserving Family Memories. Check out my blog at for more information and to see how blogging can also be a form of preserving memories.

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