Do You Still Text & Drive?

   From the first of the 2011 till February 7th a total of twelve tickets have been issued in the Commonwealth of KY for texting while driving. Nine of those 12 were 18 years old or younger. Ten of those tickets were issued to men, while only two were given to women.
   Kentucky’s new law prohibits the following: Reading, writing, and sending email or text messages by all drivers. All cell phone usage is prohibited by drivers under the age of 18, regardless of license type. There are exceptions for emergencies, and for GPS use that does not involve data entry.
   Warnings were given until January 1, 2011, after that date a first offense fine in the amount of $25 and $50 for subsequent offenses. For drivers under the age of 18 on restricted licenses, mandatory 180-day waiting period from the time of offense before graduating to the next license level. This applies from the laws effective date. Drivers 18 and over are allowed to read, select, and enter phone numbers or names in order to make a call. All drivers are allowed to use GPS features, and drivers 18 and over are allowed to enter data for GPS purposes at all times.

The video below is a powerful reminder of what texting and driving can do.

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