Thank you, Berea

Ky Blood Center
Thank you, Berea, for answering the call to help return our blood supply to a safe level! At yesterday””s blood drive we registered 160 donors and collected 133 pints of life-saving blood!
We appreciate your patience through the sometimes long wait yesterday. Because many in Berea travel frequently on mission trips, the travel documentation and approval process can create backups in the screening process.
Bring a list of all international travel within the last three years. List country, ALL CITIES AND TOWNS travelled to, and your method of transportation to each. (The malaria risk lines often run right through a portion of a country or island, so accuracy is very important.) if you have a long list of travel or you have had difficulty getting the travel portion of the screening process done at one of our drives, please contact me at least two weeks before the drive and I will see what I can do to get your travel evaluated in advance. NOTE: Travel MUST be documented and approved EACH time you donate. We do not currently have the ability to save what was collected and approved at previous drives.
Bring a list of medications that you are taking, the dosage, and the condition that you are taking it for. If you have questions about your eligibility, call 800.775.2522, or email me and I will get the answer for you.
Again, thank you for coming out, in the rain, to support our local patients. I assure you that we are doing everything possible to make this a quicker process. Please help us help you and your fellow donors by bringing the documentation listed above.

Have a blessed day!!!

Michele Dunn
Donor Recruitment Specialist
Kentucky Blood Center

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