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Berea – Under Construction (BOL Archives 2002)

As most residents have noticed, summer is here and construction is underway. Berea is constantly changing and growing. While many of the projects currently underway are State affiliated, our City workers are still busy.

HWY 595
HWY 595

The main congestion due to construction will be state projects, both of the Berea I-75 exits (76 &77) and state road 595. Randy Stone, City Administrator, recognizes that 595 will probably be the greatest challenge to drivers this summer. Stone comments, “We have to ask for patience.” He knows that 595 is a busy road in Berea, but asks drivers to avoid when possible. By not traveling the road, both drivers and workers are safer, and workers are able to complete the task quicker. Stone is told that both of the I-75 exits and the 595 constructions should be completed by late August.

City based construction is also present this summer. There will be a Logston Lane extension; as well as an addition to the Intergenerational Center. The plans are currently in the making for the “Old Bonded lot Park,” located on the corner of Chestnut and Boone street. The Park is yet to be named, but construction will begin by fall.

Randy Stone - City Administrator
Randy Stone - City Administrator

Finishing touches are also to be placed on the Old Town construction from last summer. During that time, pavement will be laid on the new road to Berea Colleges sport complex, Old Town will also get its final layer of pavement. Along with the new pavement, Old Town will also receive new cross walks. The cross walks will be the last addition to the new look. They will be made to look like laid cobblestone, which resembles the rock wall emplaced last summer. These changes are predicted to be finished in the early weeks of June.

While these changes can be frustrating to drivers, it is the end result that makes the effort worthwhile. Without construction, Berea could not grow, progress, and meet the needs of its citizens.

Written by Hannah Billings
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